Will, Thomas and Dylan playing Fugitive.

#the kids realising Kaya took advantage of their distraction and running for their lives

"I was evolving."

-- this thing between us; not yet.


Get To Know Me Meme (Teen Wolf Edition) - Favorite Characters (1/8)

I know what I’m risking. My life for theirs. 

Happy 27th Birthday Tyler Lee Hoechlin (September 11, 1987)


Troping Derek: Season 4

Part 1 | Part 2

So I’m (finally) getting a new phone tomorrow and I’m not sure which case to get for it. These are my choices right now: 

This Derek/Stiles one.

This one.

Or this one.

And this Derek one.

Or maybe this one too.

And there’s this one, too.

There’s just so many and this is the problem I’m having. And I also wish this one was available for a phone case.

So basically, if someone can maybe cast their vote or something that would be lovely because I honestly have no idea which one to choose from. 

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